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Hey Girl Hey Boy 

OpenSea - Polygon

From famous people to unique, awesome everyday people. 

My goal is to bring the whole world into this collection. 

Everyone is unique and different 💕

Hand-drawn collection, living on the Polygon blockchain, by Canadian artist Rachel Holmes

I welcome you to join me on my NFT journey!


This collection is my baby, spelling mistakes and all 😂 Bare with me, the goal is to have fun!

Being a busy single mom I do my best to drop at least once per week, even if it's just one artwork. But that one NFT will have all of my heart and soul poured into it 100% ✌️

Follow me on Twitter for the latest news and updates

new drops and giveaways!

New Drops
Hey Mona Lisa


Hey Girl Hey Boy members receive these perks!

Collect 10 and get your free custom NFT!

And on primary purchases


Owners holding 
5 - 10 NFTs = 5% cash back 
11 + NFTs = 10% cash back


Special % off NFTs will be dropped randomly.

A limit of 2 specials per holder

These (coupon people) are stackable on holder's percentages!


Much love from me to you!

Collections On Foundation

Traditional art acrylic paintings are available from me. You also get the original painting mailed to you as well, on primary purchases 🥳

They'll be lovingly packed in a tube mailer and shipped to you at no extra cost!

If you have any questions or win the auction email me at

Razzle Dazzle Pin Up Girls

So far only 2 in this new collection (SO much art to make!)

starting at 0.05 ETH with one sold!

What's a pin-up girl without something to pin to your wall??

Well, you do! I will send you a poster of your new beauty to pin-up.

Printed processed and fulfilled with Printful

🎨This website is a work in progress 🎨

As I find the time I'll add more sections

Until then! Here is my LinkTree link to all of my collections

I hope you enjoy! and thank you so much for your support 

Hugs & Kisses

iVibrant NFT

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